Update: Nov 2022

We are updating and prepairing for the next release! Feel free to play and reach out in the discord. The faucet is disabled however so you may have to wait a bit for your tokens. We are gearing up for season 2 which will start the begininning of feb.

Connect your wallet
Use the faucet to get 300 $FWEB3 tokens
Use the faucet to get 0.042 $MATIC
Send 100 $FWEB3 tokens to someone
Mint a Fweb3 NFT
Burn at least one $FWEB3 token
Swap a $FWEB3 token for some $MATIC
Vote on a Fweb3 poll
Write and deploy a smart contract

Learn and build in web3.

There are 9 dots to light up by doing things on a blockchain (in this case, Polygon). Once you light them all up, you win additional $FWEB3 tokens and a commemorative NFT.

It's free to play. Login with MetaMask to get started (you'll be prompted to install it if you don't have it already):

Stuck? Click the dots to the left to see further instructions, or check out the Walkthrough below.